Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry in Broken Arrow, OK Provided by Dr. Danny Stos, DDS

Our Broken Arrow Family Dental Practice

When you have young children, it is important to choose the right dentist for your family. Being a part of a family dental practice gives you access to a provider and team of dental professionals that will follow your children’s oral health from their young age into adulthood. At Stos Family Dental, we provide a family-friendly, safe atmosphere to treat patients of all ages. Dr. Danny Stos, DDS offers a wide range of treatments and services to meet the needs of your growing family in Broken Arrow, OK. 

Positive Experiences for Families in Broken Arrow

Our friendly Broken Arrow family dental staff make it a priority to ensure that children and parents alike are comfortable at our dental practice. Establishing a trusting, caring relationship with our patients is our first step to delivering quality dental treatments. Our dental team takes the time to minimize any anxiety associated with visiting the dentist, especially with patients that have had prior bad experiences with other dentists. Before any procedure, our Broken Arrow dentist discusses every step to both parents and children, the purpose of each instrument, and addresses all questions and concerns so there are no surprises, and no fear. 

A Lifetime of Healthy Smiles

At our family dental practice, we understand the importance of providing a positive dental experience early in life in order to minimize any dental anxiety that can develop. By bringing children in at an early age, children can familiarize themselves with the dentist, staff, and office. This will set the stage for healthy oral hygiene habits to develop and encourage a lifetime of regular visits to their Broken Arrow family dentist.

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Stos Family Dental provides a wide range of services for patients of all ages in Broken Arrow, OK. For more information on how we can provide quality dental care and healthy smiles for your family, contact us in Broken Arrow, OK today.